Advancements in Root Canal Therapy

Jul 17 • 2 minute read

While many people still have an adverse reaction to hearing the words “root canal,” over the last two decades, this procedure has become one of the most efficient method of relieving tooth pain besides extraction.

While having your tooth pulled may be tempting, it is not the proper treatment for tooth pain or decay that has damaged the inner tooth. Your dentist will recommend a root canal to avoid the health consequences of extraction, as it leaves a space in your jaw causing teeth to shift and bone loss.  

At Park Slope Family Dentistry, we apply the advancements in technology that have been made in root canal therapy and we use the best practices that have made this treatment a tried and true procedure correcting the damage done by extensive tooth decay.

Traditional root canal therapy improved

While the symptoms experienced when you need a root canal haven’t changed, the traditional way to perform a root canal has certainly improved since the procedure’s advent. The material used, sedation options, and computer aided technology that were once primitive or nonexistent are now allowing patients to comfortably make it through the procedure with little pain or anxiety. Even something as simple as preventative dental care literature on the internet has allowed patients to be proactive enough to seek treatment before the procedure becomes more than they care to handle.

Modern technology has increased the strength and effectiveness of the instruments and machines used in the root canal procedure. Improved mechanical functions of the machines have allowed the dentist to operate more quickly, often reducing the amount of visits for the treatment for a root canal. Using a sturdier material like titanium instead of stainless steel in the hand-held tools have increased their precision and control in removing the infected pulp.

Advancement in sedation methods to improve root canal therapy

Even though root canal therapy has become a more efficient process, dentists understand many people will be apprehensive to have the work done.  Education on how to safely administer sedation and anesthesia for adults and children both have allowed there to be far less concern to having a root canal than ever before.

What is laser root canal therapy?

The traditional method of receiving a root canal has improved comprehensively, but the introduction of laser technology in dentistry has taken it even further. The laser technology actually can be used instead of the steel or titanium tools. The laser can access the tooth’s root canal and clean out the infected pulp, shape the canal, and apply the filling material.

Reports have shown that the laser technology is particularly good at the disinfecting portion of the procedure. Other advantages to this technology is that it reduces the unpleasant noise that the tools used in the procedure cause. It greatly reduces bleeding during the operation, as well as the risk of infection afterward.

If you are in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn and want a modern approach to your root canal therapy, give us a call at Park Slope Family Dentistry today!


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