A Family Dentist is a Dentist for Life

Jul 6 • 2 minute read

Choosing a dentist that can care for your whole family ensures a consistency of care that is hard to find among dentists that are more specialized. Establishing trust in your dental health provider is a vital aspect of maintaining good dental health for you and every member of your household. 

How to Choose a Family Dentist

When choosing a dentist to treat you and your loved ones, look for a professional that offers comprehensive care and works with specific specialists with whom they have a longstanding relationship.

Be sure to ask about their pediatric services. Do they include the following treatments?

- Fluoride treatments

- Infant oral health exams

- Early assessment and treatment for correcting improper bite

What are their emergency policies? While some dentists specialize in emergency dentistry, established patients of family dental practice are typically well attended to during a difficult time like this. In addition to loyalty as a factor, a dentist who has followed you and your family through the years is better equipped to provide emergency care when it happens, and can supply preventive appliances for their patients who they know are active in sports and other physical activities that may involve the risk of dental injuries.

Periodontal Care is Fundamental

Another service to look for is the prevention and treatment of gum disease. As important as your teeth themselves, the tissue that supports them need proper care both at home and at the dentist’s office.

Gingivitis is a common form of early gum disease and when your family dentist can treat this early on, your family becomes less vulnerable to advanced gum disease (periodontitis) and the tooth loss that this condition can lead to.

Dentistry for all Ages

Finally, if you are planning to remain in your community, having a dentist that has followed you from childhood into adulthood is comforting and your dentist likely feels comfortable with you as well.

Be sure that your dentist is involved in continued education so that they can provide you the best that advanced dentistry has to offer. This way, if you do develop a serious dental problem you have someone that you trust to provide the care that you need.

Aging and years of enjoying things such as coffee and wine affect your smile. If you have been cared for consistently by a highly trained and compassionate dentist for many years, the chances of you developing serious dental issues are small. However when it comes to tooth loss for any reason, a dentist who is experienced in the art of dental implantation restoration is recommended. Dental implantation is the industry standard for tooth loss replacement and if this is ever needed, you’ll want someone you can trust.

If you are looking for a highly trained and experienced family dentist in Brooklyn, call Park Slope Family Dentistry today to schedule a consultation for yourself or any member of your family.

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