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At Park Slope Family Dentistry, we provide cosmetic dental treatments in Brooklyn that restore teeth to a healthy sheen and strength. Whether you’re looking for full mouth rehabilitation or white fillings, our neighborhood dental practice has the treatments to meet your smile goals.

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Aesthetic Restorations

If you have existing restorations that need to be replaced, missing teeth, or a decayed tooth, our restorations are created with your aesthetic needs in mind. As a metal-free practice, we provide materials that are biocompatible as well as beautiful. 

Porcelain crowns are a great restorative option to strengthen a weakened, decayed tooth. If you have large chips and cracks in the tooth, or have decay that needs to be removed and treated, a crown can restore tooth structure and appearance. 

Tooth colored filings, or white filings, are made of composite resin and can fill small cavities, cracks, and chips. These restore the integrity of a tooth and prevent bacteria from entering the internal structure of the tooth. 

Whitening Your Smile

If you an array of concerns with the appearance of your smile, we provide porcelain veneers to create the aesthetic you deserve. Patients with deeply stained teeth, which are difficult to whiten with professional bleaching treatments, and misshapen or chipped teeth can benefit from porcelain veneers to cover these imperfections. With slight alteration to your existing teeth, these thin-wafers of porcelain are bonded for a complete smile makeover. 

Park Slope Family Dentistry provides teeth whitening in-office as well as take-home bleaching trays for dentist-supervised bleaching treatment. For patients looking to cosmetically enhance their smiles with a combination of treatments, it’s beneficial to start off with teeth whitening so restorative materials can easily be shade-matched.

Replacing Missing Teeth in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Whether you’re missing one tooth or a full arch, we have treatment options for you. Our aesthetic restorations can be affixed to dental implants, which are placed by a trusted local specialist. Dental implants provide stability, support for jaw bone structure, and wholly replace missing teeth. 

Our porcelain bridges are created to replace missing teeth as well. By utilizing neighboring teeth as anchors for the replacement tooth, bridges restore appearance and function. 

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