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A uniform, bright smile is one many wish to attain. At Park Slope Family Dentistry, we offer veneer options, such as Lumineers, in Brooklyn for patients looking to mask the small imperfections in their smile. We strive to ensure our patients’ oral health is at its best before suggesting cosmetic treatment. Learn more about veneers below, or call our practice today to schedule a consultation. 

What Are Veneers?Lumineers in Park Slope, Brooklyn NY

Fabricated by a trusted local lab, these thin wafers of porcelain cover slightly altered teeth to meet your aesthetic specifications. Porcelain is a choice material if you’re looking for a bright, white smile. Whether you’re seeking to place veneers on all of your teeth or just a chosen few, porcelain can be shade matched to your smile. This material mimics the luminosity of natural teeth, making it perfect to mask imperfections. 

Benefits of Veneers in Brooklyn

Tooth colored veneers are a minimally invasive option to achieve a whiter, healthier looking smile. Our Brooklyn dentists offer this treatment to patients who are experiencing the following concerns

Tooth Trauma – if you have fracture or cracked teeth that look unappealing, applying dental veneers can restore the look of the damaged tooth to one that is healthy and whole.

Staining – Although stained or discolored teeth can be treated with our in-office teeth whitening treatment, there are some types of enamel discoloration that cannot be corrected with teeth bleaching. Tetracycline stains, or grey teeth caused by medication, and thin dull enamel due to natural aging process are examples of these types of stains. Veneers provide a new front to teeth, one that is purely white. 

Worn Down Teeth – Over the years, constant chewing, biting, and teeth grinding can result in teeth that look small and flat. Veneers can be customized so that your smile appears uniform and balanced. 

If you find your healthy smile with small imperfections such as misshaped teeth, cracks, gummy smiles, or deeply stained teeth, veneers are the perfect cosmetic options. 

Porcelain Veneers in Park Slope Family Dentistry

At our Brooklyn practice, we begin your veneers treatment with an in-depth consultation regarding your oral health and aesthetic expectations. Our practice prides itself in knowing your smile is as healthy as possible prior to recommending cosmetic treatment. Once you’ve chosen your specific shade, or have completed teeth whitening treatment to ensure a seamless enhancement of your smile, we send for the fabrication of your restorations. We invite patients back for a second appointment to bond the veneers in place, and you leave with a new, picture perfect smile. 

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