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Filling the spaces in your smile caused by missing teeth is possible with dental implants. During implant treatment, one or more implant posts are placed and allowed to heal before your restoration is added to complete the treatment. At Park Slope Family Dentistry in Brooklyn, we provide dental implant restorations and work with specialists to provide patients with full, functional smiles. 

Choosing the Right Implant Restoration

When working with your implant placement specialist, we determine the right restoration before placement surgery. Depending on the number of teeth missing in your smile, and the number of implants you’ll receive, you have a variety of restoration options, including:

One or More Missing TeethDental Implant Options in Brooklyn - Crowns & More

Single Dental Implants – For patients missing one tooth, an implant topped with a porcelain crown is the restoration of choice. Perfect for patients with singular missing teeth throughout their smiles as well, the single unit implants prevent existing teeth from shifting. 

Implant-Supported Bridges – Traditional treatments for patients with one or more missing teeth typically involves placement of a dental bridge. However, missing teeth cause bone resorption, an issue dental implants solve by replacing tooth roots. Bridge replaces only the exposed portion of lost teeth, which does not combat bone loss to effectively restore patients’ smiles.  Implant-supported bridges at our Park Slope dental practice are fabricated with aesthetic materials, ensuring a seamless addition to your smile. 

Missing a Full Arch of Natural Teeth

Dentures and partials are prosthetics created to for edentulous patients or those with a group of missing teeth. These prostheses are adhered with dental adhesives or anchored around existing teeth with a metal framework. However, over time, these appliances do stay in place effectively and may fall out during daily activities such as laughing, speaking, and eating. Although dentures and partials have the ability to replace teeth and restore oral function and aesthetics, they do not support jaw bone integrity and strength. This created an aged look to the face as bone resorbs. 

Implant-supported dentures provide patients with the benefits of stabilized prosthetics and, as the implant integrate with existing jaw bone, facial shape and fullness is retained. Permanent dentures with dental implants at Park Slope Family Dentistry are created by a trusted local lab and are customized to your specifications. Enjoy the confidence that your dentures won’t fall out during important events! Implant-supported dentures from our Brooklyn dental practice are fabricated to restore the aesthetics and comfort of your smile. 

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Dental implant restorations at Park Slope Family Dentistry are created to match seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Dr. Sari Rosenwein, Dr. Andrew Warshaw, and Dr. Pollack welcome all patients and their families to our dental practice for comprehensive dental treatments that ensure healthy smiles. For more information about implant restorations, or to schedule a visit, contact us today


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