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Endodontics is the study and treatment of dental pulp – the most common treatment for damaged dental pulp being root canals. When decayed or dead dental pulp causes an infection it moves into the tooth roots and can impact overall health as well. Root canal treatment focuses on removing this infected dental pulp in order to save the integrity and health of the tooth structure. At Park Slope Family Dentistry, we provide endodontic treatments to save your teeth.

When is Endodontic Treatment Necessary?

Dental enamel is strong and resilient. However, when there is a crack or a cavity on the tooth, this acts as an opening for bacteria to enter the dental chamber and affect the structures that keep the tooth alive. Endodontic procedures are necessary to treat infected dental pulp that is causing severe pain and tooth sensitivity. Without treatment, infection can cause bone loss at the tip of the root or drainage of bacteria into surrounding tissue. The goal with root canal treatment is to prevent the spread of infection to the neighboring teeth and to save the health of the compromised tooth.

Symptoms of infection include:

An abscess on the gums
Severe toothache or pain 
Swelling and tenderness of the gums

Patients should be aware that in some instances there are no signs or symptoms directly associated with infected dental pulp. It’s important for patients to consistently visit our family dentists for a full examination of their smiles to prevent infection or provide an accurate diagnosis when warning signs may be missed. 

Root Canal Treatment in Park Slope

Root canal therapy is necessary to save infected teeth and prevent the need for extraction. Treatment begins with accessing the infected dental pulp from the top of the tooth. Our Park Slope dentists can then begin to clean out the bacteria that has infected the chamber and interior tooth structures. Once root chambers are thoroughly cleaned, a biocompatible material called gutta-percha will be placed inside to seal off the roots, preventing further infection. Adhesive cement seals the treatment site and a crown restoration or filling is placed to protect and restore the tooth to full function and health. 

Benefits of root canal treatment at Park Slope Family Dentistry include:

Efficient, comfortable chewing
Reinforced bite and sensation
Natural appearance
Protecting other teeth from excessive wear or infection.

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